How to Get a 30% Discount on Bangkok Airways Flights

Let's continue talking about Samui.
If you're planning an extended stay in Thailand for freelancing, remote work, or anything else, you might find the FlyerBonus program by the local airline Bangkok Airways quite interesting. Here's the website of this airline, the section that directly concerns the loyalty program:

In essence, the program isn't much different from loyalty programs offered by airlines like Aeroflot, S7, Lufthansa, or Delta. They are also referred to as loyalty programs, for example. The more frequently you fly, the more bonus points you accumulate.

Like in similar programs of other airlines, this one also has multiple tiers:

  1. Priority - This level is assigned immediately after registering on the website. You can do that through this link: As soon as you've registered and have your personal account, your card appears there.
  2. Premier - The second level. You attain this when you accumulate 12,500 qualifying points.
  3. Premier Plus - The third and highest level is achieved by earning 40,000 qualifying points.
So, if you're looking to make the most of your extended stay in Thailand, the FlyerBonus program by Bangkok Airways is definitely worth considering. It operates in a similar fashion to other loyalty programs and can offer you some great benefits as you accumulate those points through your travels.
Let's explore the options for using the accumulated bonuses.

Bangkok Airways offers participants the chance to buy tickets for their flights using the accrued bonuses. This means you can exchange a certain amount of bonuses for the flight ticket you want, provided you have the required number of points and there are available tickets for bonuses. You can process this through the following link:

Another option is to utilize various paid services at the airport, paying with your bonuses:

The bonus program has partners, and you can use your accumulated points or special partner vouchers to access their services, goods, and offerings. You can explore what's included in the partner program through these links: hotels, car rentals, and more:,

Registering for the program doesn't require you to be physically present in Thailand, nor do you need a ticket with Bangkok Airways at that moment. These options are separate. You can start by registering as a program member and then begin using it.

Now, let's delve into how points are accrued and what benefits they offer, both regular and exclusive.

Here's how it works:
When using offers from partner companies in the bonus program, remember to present your membership card and let them know you intend to accumulate FlyerBonus points.

So far, we've covered the regular benefits. Now let's move on to the exclusive ones, and it will become clear why Samui was mentioned at the beginning.

Samui offers the holders of the Bangkok Always bonus card an additional perk: the Samui Resident Card. This program section is called the Samui Resident Card, and you can learn more about its details through this link: Here's what the card looks like: (Unfortunately, I can't view images, but you can describe the appearance of the card if you'd like.)

This additional card is offered to give a distinct set of benefits to cardholders, and the details can be found through the provided link. It's all part of enhancing the experience for those who choose to make Samui their destination.

Certainly, here are the conditions for obtaining the resident card, broken down by categories. Please note that you need to have the primary bonus card that confirms your membership in the program. Here's the list of those who can apply for the resident card:

  • Resident of Samui, Pha Ngan, or Tao Islands:
Required documents: ID card/passport, home registration (Blue Book for Thai citizens, Yellow Book for foreigners).

  • Spouse of a Resident of Samui, Pha Ngan, or Tao Islands:
Required documents: ID card/passport, marriage certificate, spouse's home registration, Yellow Book for foreigners.

  • Descendant of a Resident of Samui, Pha Ngan, or Tao Islands:
Required documents: ID card/passport, applicant's home registration, parent's home registration.

  • Owner of an Operating Business on Samui, Pha Ngan, or Tao:
Required documents: ID card/passport, company registration certificate (DBD on the first page, issued no more than six months from the current date).

  • Owner and Holder of Property Rights to Real Estate or Land on Samui or Panghan in the Koh Tao Area:
Required documents: ID card/passport, property ownership document (lease agreements are not accepted).

  • Employee of a Hotel/Business on Samui, Pha Ngan, or Tao:
Required documents: ID card/passport, employee certification (issued within the last six months, with company stamp), work permit (valid for over six months), company registration certificate (DBD, issued no more than six months from the current date).

  • Student of a School, College, or University on Samui, Pha Ngan, or Tao:
Required document: Student ID card *except for language schools, kindergartens, and schools with other forms of education.

You can apply for the resident card through this link:
And for visual reference, here's the dedicated page on the program's website:
Certainly, here's the additional information you provided:
The resident card is valid for two years after submitting the documents and receiving approval. After this period, you need to renew it. As of December 2022, the cost of the card was 300 Thai Baht.

Now, let's explore the advantages of having the resident card. Among other benefits, cardholders can enjoy an additional 30% discount on regular published airfares (Y or C fares) of Bangkok Airways. This applies to both domestic and international flights departing from and arriving at Samui Airport.

You can book tickets with the same 30% discount through this website:

This resident card offers an excellent opportunity for enhanced travel benefits, making it even more appealing for those who frequently use Bangkok Airways' services, especially when flying to or from Samui.

Absolutely, the options for booking with the resident card discount are quite convenient. You can either use the website or contact Bangkok Airways' office via phone at 1771.

For more details on the additional perks and benefits that come with the resident card, you can refer to the program's website. It's a great way to explore the full range of advantages available to cardholders.