Packing Your Suitcase on Koh Samui: Tips for Newbies in Thailand

This article is especially for those who have never been to Thailand or are just going to visit this wonderful country. What should I bring with me in my suitcase?
What made me write about it? Yes, I remembered our first trip to Phuket in 2014, and how many things we dragged with us, absolutely unnecessary. Therefore, I hope our experience will be useful and you will not repeat our mistakes.

So what should I take with me?
Keep it to a minimum. Firstly, it's really hot in Thailand, even at night, so the hoodies and sweatshirts with long sleeves in which you will fly are more than enough. The same goes for jeans and trousers. You are unlikely to wear them, so do not clog the suitcase.

In general, in terms of clothing, the layout is as follows: 2 pairs of shorts, 4 T-shirts + 2 swimsuits or bathing trunks per person, well, underwear at your discretion is quite enough for a vacation of 2-3 weeks. Well, it's clear that the girls will take with them a couple more dresses or sundresses to go to a restaurant in the evening.

Secondly, it will be cheaper to buy all summer clothes in Thailand than at home. And you will probably buy it here, so take care of the space in your suitcase. The exception is branded items in the shopping center. For example, a swimsuit on the market costs 300-350 baht, a Roxy swimsuit costs 3000 baht (about 5800 rubles). Therefore, such purchases are cheaper to make in Russia.
It will be cheaper to buy all summer clothes in Thailand than at home.
Girls, oh my goodness, do not take heels with you! Well, there's nowhere to wear them here, honestly! I've never taken mine out of my suitcase. You will need slates for going to the beach and to the pool and sneakers or sandals for moving around the city, excursions, climbing waterfalls and observation decks (here slates will definitely not work). Ideal option: in light sneakers in the summer and in them we drive through the mountains, in shales to the beach.
Soap and soap accessories
No need to bring shampoos, pastes, shower gels, etc. In any 7/11 or Family Mart store, which are at every step in Thailand, you will always buy it all, moreover, in a convenient format for traveling, and the quality of household chemicals here is much better than ours. And, for sure, you will want to buy something local for a trial, so leave yourself this opportunity. Hotels always have shower accessories to get by and take a shower from the road. Sunscreen and repellents are also sold on every corner!
Personally, my opinion is not to take it. But, I meet girls who come to the beach wearing makeup. I can't wear makeup in this heat, the maximum is to touch up my eyelashes in the evening at a cafe. For me, if you want to look brighter, it's better to arrange eyebrows with a master before the trip and do lamination of eyelashes, for example. Although cosmetics have a place for photo shoots.
If you have any chronic diseases or you are allergic, then it is certainly worth taking the necessary medications with you. Everything else is sold in pharmacies and there are analogues to our medicines. But personally, we prefer to have a basic set of medicines with us. It does not take up much space and saves time and nerves.
This is not an advertisement for nurofen. Just writing about medications, I immediately remembered a case when I had to run to the pharmacy at 4 am for a baby nurofen.
But it's definitely worth taking a phone with you, charging it and a camera! I also highly recommend buying a portable battery for the trip, and in general, a portable battery will be useful in the household. The thing is extremely necessary when traveling. This time my husband and I bought for everyone and are very happy about it, I helped out not once! Well, if there is an action camera and a quadcopter, then you will get super views from your trip. However, the latter in Thailand must be registered and get permission to use it.
Now you will know what basic things you should take with you, and what exactly you can save space in your suitcase :)